The Importance of Finding a Rhythm

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve felt inspired to write for The Stay At Home Complex. My little sister came for a visit the week following the end of my subbing stint. We had a great time not doing much at all besides talking, playing with my son, and watching Once Upon A Time on Hulu.

Since that little break, my focus has been on finding my rhythm again as a SAH mom. It changed while I was substitute teaching and it now differs from before I taught, too. Anyone who has cared for an infant will tell you, things like napping and eating schedules can change a lot in 3 weeks. I finally feel that I’ve settled into a routine that works for both my son and myself. It sounds like that should be boring, but it isn’t. Since I was small, I’ve thrived on routine. As an adult, a routine sets the rhythm for my days and, like music for many people, makes me work more efficiently. Following this rhythm helps me feel productive, which fuels a self-fulfilling prophecy: When I feel more productive, I accomplish even more.

My routine gives me a few nap-times within which I can work. None of the naps lasts long, but it’s usually just enough. With my husband’s blessing as the breadwinner, I’ve temporarily stopped the job search that lead only to frustration. Instead, I’m focusing on housework during the morning nap, dinner during the afternoon nap, and writing, revising, & editing my manuscripts for children’s books during the mid-day nap. Because I can accomplish what I need to as a mom, wife, and especially a writer instead of failing to find a decently paid position that fits my qualifications and needs, it feels like I’m earning the part of my husband’s income that I use (yes, I still struggle to consider it “our” money… maybe the joint account we finally set up will help me with this. I’ll explore this particular problem in a later post.).

Finally, the fact that I can work on my writing a little each day provides a reason why working outside of the home didn’t work out right now. I am able to pursue my dream of publishing a children’s book. The rhythm of my days allows me to be more productive and takes away the need I had to put a positive spin on being a SAH mom. I actually have a more positive attitude about it now.

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